Greenpeace is pointing their fingers at big IT industry manufacturers and distributors for not caring about the environment. They are also warning people that most so called old recycled computers are actually instead sent to some underdevelopped parts of asia and africa where slaves are melting motherboards and PC circuits with their bare hands to extract the little materials and metals they can that have any resale value on the black markets. So do not believe all those that want to export containers filled with your old computers to give to people in the third world. In some cases 75% of the old computers are unusable, they consume more power then there is available and thus the scheme is only using the charity as a means to escape and illegally monetize electronic waste. The USA doesn’t even have a policy to prevent electronic waste traffic. Hundreds of tons of electronic waste is shipped from the USA every year to be dumped and processed by slaves in the third world. Current PC components in most computers other then the OLPC have toxic chemicals in them that harm those poor people that melt them and that pollute the water and the ground where it is dumped.